Build Web3 dApps on NEAR with React

Transact, onboard, and manage identity all in a server-less environment. Censorship resistant with guaranteed uptime and verifiable execution, NEAR provides the best possible developer experience.

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Use React to build apps on NEAR blockchain

You’ve probably heard of web3, cryptocurrency, or NFTs by now, but do you ever feel like technology is moving too fast to keep up with? Do you wish you knew enough to develop your own informed opinions?

import React, { useEffect, useState } from 'react';
import { connect, WalletConnection } from 'near-api-js';
import { getConfig } from './config';
export default function App() {
  const [wallet, setWallet] = useState(null);
  useEffect(() => {
      .then((near) => setWallet(new WalletConnection(near)));
     }, []);
  const handleLogin = () => {
       contractId: 'wrap.testnet', methodNames: []
  return <button onClick = {() => handleLogin()}>Login with NEAR</button>;

Opportunities for React devs

Jobs & Bounties

Hundreds of projects are active  on NEAR need contributors

There is always work to be done on NEAR, and if you're able to do the work, you're able to earn.


$800M in grants are waiting to be distributed

This money isn't going to spend itself! We need smart people with good ideas who are ready to get to work!


Join hundreds of fellows from around the world

Does your project require regular payments rather than a lump sum? Join our team of bright minds from around the world.


Free access to education and certification programs

NEAR makes it easy to learn web3. From beginners to advanced developers, there is something for just about anyone.

Why Web3 and blockchain?

Cutting-edge tech

Web3 is the forefront of technological innovation and discovery.

Huge opportunities

If you're excited to learn and grow, there are countless opportunities for you here.

Low competition

Resources are plentiful and it has never been easier to see your idea take off.

Why building on NEAR blockchain?

Content you can understand

NEAR makes learning Web3 easy. Our content is structured so you never feel lost. Each new word or concept is explained using language just about anyone can understand.

Instant access to up-to date content

NEAR provides learners with up-to-the-moment information and all other NEAR courses are constantly updated so you know you’re getting the most current information.

Self-guided learning at your own pace

With NEAR you never fall behind. NEAR courses are designed for you to set your own pace and the most efficient way to learn Web3.

Why build on NEAR blockchain?

Financial Transactions

Transacting on NEAR is cheap, simple, and environmentally sustainable.

Seamless Onboarding

NEAR makes it easy for new users to feel comfortable with new tools.

Identity Management

Verify identity, ownership, and access.

Serverless Architecture

Without central servers you don't have to depend on a single entity to keep your data safe.

Censorship Resistance

NEAR is accessible wherever the Internet is, and changes to the blockchain history are virtually impossible

Guaranteed Uptime

No matter what goes on anywhere in the world, if NEAR is up, so is your app.


Because NEAR is open source, anyone can verify any recorded activity.


NEAR aims to be the most user- and developer-friendly blockchain out there. Find out how easy it is to build on NEAR!

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Take a course
Self paced free course
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Documentation and tools


Who is this for?

Our courses are designed for ordinary people who wish to learn the basics of Web3 as well as the skills necessary to use basic Web3 tools. You don’t need to know any coding, or even very much about how computers or the internet works. You need only to have an open mind. This project aims to be an efficient, effective primer to the Web3 space.


NEAR is a carbon-neutral platform that aims to shape the future of the open web. NEAR prioritizes ease of use for both users and developers.

Do I have time?

Learning experience is designed for you regardless of your schedule. Almost all our content is self-paced and we recommend working in a way that is comfortable for you. You are free to work as slowly or as quickly as you’d like

What is the format?

As you learn you’ll have the opportunity to engage with complete courses as well as standalone videos and written material. All the tools we use will be fairly simple, but in case of confusion you can reach a real human to help you here.

What does it cost?

The only thing you pay for this is your time, which we know is limited and valuable. Keeping this in mind, we will be delivering only the necessary knowledge along with the tools to continue your learning should you wish.