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to Web3 with NEAR

Join the creator economy on web3 with our free track for сreative artists! Bring your imagination to the blockchain and learn how new types of ownership, funding, and organization can impact how you work and engage with community.

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Bring your creativity
to Web3 with NEAR

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NEAR Certified Developer - Blockchain Developer - Learn to write, read and deploy smart contracts
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Learn how you can get your work out to a brand new audience and contribute to web3 projects.

Creative artists are often found at the forefront of innovation because they are experts in making the imagination come alive. 

Opportunities for creatives


$800M in grants are waiting to be distributed

These grants can cover so many creative areas and we hope you’ll apply for one! We need smart, creative people with good ideas who are ready to get started.

Talent & Community

Rapidly growing community of talent and expertise

Are you looking for other talented people to support your vision? NEAR’s bustling community is waiting for you!


Guidance from community of web3 innovators

Find the guidance you've been looking for! NEAR brings together talented creators and experienced, engaged web3 innovators.


Free access to education and certification programs

NEAR makes it easy to learn web3. From beginners to advanced developers, there is something for just about anyone.

Why Web3 and blockchain?

The future is here

The internet never stopped evolving. Its newest iteration is built on the blockchain. Powerful new tools are available to anyone willing to learn.

A wealth of opportunities

These are still the early days and there are so many things that still need to be built. Resources are plentiful. Be part of the next evolution of the internet!

A new way to collaborate

It's never been so easy to start a business online as it is on the blockchain. Built on principals of transparency and decentralization, web3 encourages cooperation.

Why building on NEAR blockchain?

Content you can understand

NEAR makes learning Web3 easy. Our content is structured so you never feel lost. Each new word or concept is explained using language just about anyone can understand.

Instant access to up-to date content

NEAR provides learners with up-to-the-moment information and all other NEAR courses are constantly updated so you know you’re getting the most current information.

Self-guided learning at your own pace

With NEAR you never fall behind. NEAR courses are designed for you to set your own pace and the most efficient way to learn Web3.

Why build on NEAR blockchain?

Financial Transactions

Transacting with NEAR is fast, cheap, reliable, and secure.

Seamless Onboarding

NEAR aims to be the onramp for millions of people to join Web3 by being easy to use and easy to understand.

Censorship Resistance

Without taking extreme and community-wide measures, changes to the blockchain are impossible.

Guaranteed Uptime

NEAR is truly the city that never sleeps. No matter what goes on anywhere in the world, NEAR will never go down.


NEAR aims to be the most user- and developer-friendly blockchain out there. Find out how easy it is to build on NEAR!

Ready to get creative in Web3? Enroll now!

Join the creator economy on web3 with our free track for сreative artists! Bring your imagination to the blockchain and learn how new types of ownership, funding, and organization can impact how you work and engage with community.

Launching soon!


Who is this for?

Are you someone who:

  • is a creative artist and wants to experiment with Web3?
  • has an idea but want support taking it to the next level?
  • is looking to support the creative projects of others?
  • wants to use your creative skills to earn?

This resource is for you! We have designed an experience for those interested in learning what it means to be a successful creative artist in web3 and within the NEAR ecosystem.


NEAR is a carbon-neutral platform that aims to shape the future of the open web. NEAR envisions a world where people control their own assets, data, and power of governance. NEAR prioritizes ease of use for both users and developers.

  • Simple – Onboard consumers straight from social media directly to using NFTs;
  • Scalable – Dynamic sharding means the platform scales infinitely to handle the load with negligible fees and fast finality. You never have to worry about getting too many users;
  • Secure – Written in Rust, backed by a fully decentralized validator set and the cutting edge Nightshade algorithm.

We’ve got a number of creative artists on our team and aim to empower you with the tools, infrastructure, and support you need.

What does it cost?

The only thing you pay for this is your time, which we know is limited and valuable. Keeping this in mind, we will be delivering only the necessary knowledge along with the tools to continue your learning should you wish.