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NEAR Development with Dacade

In this course, you will learn basic NEAR concepts and build a marketplace dapp on top of the NEAR blockchain.

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Curso de Desarrollo en NEAR Blockchain con Rust

Aprende cómo desplegar contratos inteligentes en la red testnet de NEAR utilizando Rust como lenguaje de programación.

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Introduction to Blockchain مقدمة بناء تطبيقات البلوك تشين

للمبتدئين - تعلم مفاهيم البلوك تشين الأساسية من وجهة نظر برمجية مع أمثلة عملية لبناء برنامج يعمل على البلوك تشين

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Figment Learn

Build a better Internet. The Web 3 education platform for developers, by developers.

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NEAR Bootcamp

A free, intensive, 2-week coding bootcamp to learn AssemblyScript & Rust from scratch in small, intimate cohorts.

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Gives a very good intro to the various important topics in the world of NEAR Protocol and blockchain.

NEAR Certified Developer

A great journey indeed! Completed the course in 2 days and now will be exploring how I can apply this to build my own application.

NEAR Certified Developer

Instruction is very good, helpful support.

NEAR Certified Developer

Very informative and detailed explanation of the blockchain and NEAR Protocol.

NEAR Certified Developer

Very well structured course.

NEAR Certified Developer

Very, very well explained especially the code examples and the real world examples allows you to relate what you already know to what you are learning.

NEAR Certified Developer

I liked a lot, interesting, and funny sometimes, a very good experience of learning.

NEAR Certified Developer

Videos and tutorial are so informative.

NEAR Certified Developer

A good intro to the whole NEAR Protocol, crypto and smart contract world.

NEAR Certified Developer

Very good foundational information.

NEAR Certified Developer

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blockchain developer courseNEAR Certified Developer - Blockchain Developer - Learn to write, read and deploy smart contractsNEAR Certified Developer - Blockchain Developer - Learn to write, read and deploy smart contractsNEAR Certified Developer - Blockchain Developer - Learn to write, read and deploy smart contracts

NEAR is secure enough to manage high value assets like money, assets and  identity while being performant and affordable enough to make things useful for everyday people.

Technically speaking, NEAR is a layer 1 smart contract platform (like Ethereum but cheaper and faster) that scales by parallelizing storage and compute using a technique called “sharding”.