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This is your chance to join a community of world-class innovators and entrepreneurs that will build the future of the Internet.

If you believe you are one of the best innovators, community builders, coders or entrepreneurs the world will ever see, join the movement!

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Why a NEAR Ambassador Program?

The Goal

Build a melting pot of innovation on your campus by building awareness and connecting with your peers and professors.

Technical and non-technical students and professors can join the movement to build the future of the Open Web.

The Problem

The best ideas and innovations always come from universities. Our opinion is that these ideas are not getting enough funding to emerge from labs and dorm room debates.

This program gives you the power to promote the ideas and projects that inspire you.

The Solution


Hand pick capable, ambitious and empathetic students and faculty on your campus.


Build a community of the best and brightest by organizing events, contests and other ways to engage the community.


NurtureSupport them with access to experts and the funding they need to explore the future of the Open Web.

Why You?

Are someone who:

  • believes in controlling your own identity, money and records of ownership?
  • wants to start earning while studying in university?
  • is interested in launching a career in blockchain and working with the next generation of Internet technologies?
  • wants to launch your own startup and is looking for funding?
  • wants to be acknowledged as a global leader and community builder?
  • wants to lead the global youth movement to build the future of the Internet?
  • wants to work with some of the best and brightest ICPC gold medalists on the planet?

If your answer is "Yes" for one point or more — you definitely should become an Ambassador!

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Basic overview of the program


NEAR Ambassadors promote projects and opportunities in the NEAR ecosystem including NEAR University courses, fellowships and grants programs, engage students and faculty in conversation about the future of the Open Web and host "Welcome to the Future!" events in their community.

Host online and on-site events

Host "Welcome to the Future!" events in your community, available as an event kit from NEAR University, or design your own. "Welcome to the Future!" is an engaging and eye-opening event about the future of the Open Web.

Engage friends and faculty

The more you share what you're learning, the more questions you'll get from people around you. This is an opportunity to imagine the future together through debate and discussion.

Spread the good word

Post your thoughts and news about NEAR that invite interaction. Create and grow an online community -- it's a huge plus but it's up to you

Keep us in the loop

Submit a monthly report of events held, participants and their NEAR MainNet accounts using the Ambassador Event Report form.


We will provide you with full support and worthy compensation for your activity. The most active can become NEAR Collective members


A leaderboard with local, national and global meetup and trainings


Opportunity to start their own crypto startup/DApp with dedicated funding


Opportunity to be part of a global community of leaders and investors in blockchain


Preference for internships and job in NEAR Ecosystem


  • Current student registered with an accredited university
  • Available 5-10 hours per week
  • Personable, amiable, ethical, agreeable, and driven
  • No technical skills required

Know anyone who would make an excellent ambassador?

Ask them to include your NEAR MainNet account as referral when applying to earn.

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If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us