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NEAR is a scalable computing and storage platform that changes how the web works for the better.

Here at NEAR University you can learn, earn and connect among friends in the NEAR community.

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Featured programs

NEAR Certified Analyst


This course is an opportunity for technical and non-technical users alike to learn about the potential of the Open Web and propose meaningful solutions for development.

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NEAR Certified Developer


This course is an opportunity for web developers to earn a Certificate of Completion that represents the ability to design, develop, test and deploy smart contracts on the NEAR platform.

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NEAR Certified Instructor


This course prepares ambitious members of the community to design and lead their own courses. At least one other NEAR Certification level is required before attending this course.

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Learn, Earn & Connect


Whether self-paced, online or in-person, we have created learning experiences that transform.

Certification Programs

Sometimes you want an experienced guide to help you navigate this new landscape. Explore certification programs designed to launch your learning. Get certified!

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Self-paced Courses

Sometimes you want all the control because you know best how you like to learn. Explore courses and tools that will help you learn NEAR at your own pace. Start today!

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Partner Courses

These  learning experiences are sponsored by NEAR Foundation in collaboration with expert industry partners who deliver world-class learning at scale. Explore the ecosystem!

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Community Courses

Explore courses and tools designed by members of our ecosystem to provide you with the support you deserve at the level you require for optimal learning. Join us!

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Get paid to learn and build as part of our fellowship programs, supplement your income with bounties or fund your dream project with a grant.

Fellowship Programs

Join the fellowship program as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR)or Developer in Residence (DiR) for up to 90 days of paid full / part time work on challenging problems.

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Individual Bounties

Explore bounties designed to attract talented people like you to solve real world problems in our learning ecosystem or propose your own.

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Partner Incentives

Earn rewards and prestige in these incentivized programs maintained by our learning partners.

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Ecosystem jobs

Connect with like-minded members of our ecosystem to work on some of our most challenging problems at scale and in public.

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Engage with our fast-growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs and developers as we build the future of the Open Web

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Find us on Discord and Twitter where we design, organize and host learning experiences that transform.

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Become a partner

If you are interested in becoming a NEAR Education partner, we welcome organizations with an audience eager to hear about NEAR.

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Meet with graduates

Meet the graduates of our NEAR Certified programs and engage them as collaborators or co-founders for your next venture.

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Join the ecosystem

Make new friends and find cofounders in our thriving ecosystem of ambitious entrepreneurs and developers.

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See what students are saying

I enjoyed, loved, and learned from this course.

NEAR Certified Developer

This course was amazing. I knew nothing about blockchain before starting the course. Now I have a good foundational understanding to take the next step in my blockchain journey.

NEAR Certified Developer

Instruction is very good, helpful support.

NEAR Certified Developer

Let's build the Open Web!

NEAR is secure enough to manage high value assets like money, assets and  identity while being performant and affordable enough to make things useful for everyday people.

Technically speaking, NEAR is a layer 1 smart contract platform (like Ethereum but cheaper and faster) that scales by parallelizing storage and compute using a technique called “sharding”.